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A dark, gray planet on which the Trolls originated. It has two moons, one green, and the other, purple (which has a moon in and of itself).


Alternia is roughly 6,120,000,000 years old, and has quite a harsh culture. Roughly 300 sweeps before the events of Stemfazed, all adult trolls were exiled from the planet. Modern Alternia is populated exclusively by children, their lusii and the Drones that help them out.


Alternian sunlight is so intense most trolls can't withstand it, preferring night and shady places; looking directly into the sun causes instant blindness. Few Trolls can withstand its vicious rays, although it is reported that jade blooded Trolls have a much higher resistance to it than others.


Alternia has two moons, a green and a pink. The green moon is home to Alternias First Guardian.