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Calendar TermsEdit

Solar SweepEdit

Solar Sweeps are used as a measurement of time on Alternia. They are probably a Troll term for "years". Each solar sweep lasts 26 Earth months, meaning six Solar Sweeps are equal to 13 earth years. A Solar Sweep lasts approximatly 2.16666667 Earth years. A solar sweep is 791 days long, with a leap-sweep of 790 days every five sweeps.


A perigee is the moment a body orbiting Alternia is closest to it. Since all perigees mentioned thus far are "bilunar," it seems Alternia's two moons have identical orbits. There are twenty-four perigees in a solar sweep, two a season.


There are 4 types of seasons in a solar sweep.

  • Dark Seasons: There are 6 dark seasons in a solar sweep. Dark seasons have long nights, and short days. The nights are nice and cold, while the days are very hot.
  • Dim Seasons: There are 3 dim seasons in a solar sweep. Dim season have the same length day as night, and the nights are warmer and days colder that dark seasons.
  • Red Seasons: There is 1 red season in a solar sweep. Red seasons are peculiar, as there is sort of perpetual twilight on the planet. Days and nights are identical, and fairly warm. The sun stains the sky red all the time.
  • Light Seasons: There are 2 light season in a solar sweep. These seasons have long days, hot days, and very short, warm nights. This season is most trolls least favourite.


There is one equinox in the 6th dark season, and another in the 2nd light season.


Wriggling DayEdit

Wriggling Days are the Troll equivalents of Earth birthdays, occurring once for each Troll each Alternian Solar Sweep. Unlike Earth birthdays, trolls apparently view their Wriggling Days as opportunities to lament their insufficiencies.

12th Perigee's EveEdit

This holiday is the Troll equivalent to Christmas, possibly with some elements of New Year's Eve. The Trolls and their Lusii may decorate the hive or just stay inside, and the Lusus goes and collects a "behemoth leaving" in the style of a Christmas tree. There are 24 perigee's in a solar sweep, so although the style of celebration on 12th perigees eve is christmas like, it seems to mark the exact middle of a sweep.