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Ancestors are a concept in Troll society. They are historical figures who lived centuries before the set of twelve trolls who are followed in Stemfazed. Each ancestor is said to be a close genetic match to a particular troll, and young trolls believe that they are supposed to find clues about their ancestors. The ancestors are also intended to serve as role models for adolescent trolls. Each of the four trolls in Stemfazed shares the same glyph and blood color as their respective ancestor.

It is known that the ancestors lived roughly thirteen thousand Sweeps before the Stemfazed Trolls, in an era when the government of Alternia was suffering from attacks from the rebel highblood warlords, Subjugglators. See the Ancient Civil War.

The ancestors of the main twelve trolls were Ectobiologically created by Chynus Farore. This suggests that there is no variation between the ancestors DNA and the that of their Troll descendant, very much in line with the social concept of Troll ancestors who are said to have the closest possible genetic match with their descendant.

In Stemfazed, ancestors names are also used as their descendants Flarping name.

The CardinalEdit

The Cardinal

The Cardinal

The ancestor of Chynus Farore. The cardinal was born an unremarkable low-blooded troll, and was expected to live a life of hard labour and poverty until his death. However, rather than growing old and dying at around 40 solar sweeps like those of his caste were expected to, he lived far longer. After living for over 200 solar sweeps, and aging extremely minimally, it was definite that he far longer than anyone of his caste was expected to live, he knew he was special. He escaped from slavery, (being a powerful entity due to his high experience of physical labour and his youthfulness) and retreated into the mountains to meditate and better understand his remarkable body.

He emerged at the age of around 500, and these years were spent exploring his unique abilities. It is revealed his youthfulness was down to him having mysterious time manipulating abilities. His own life was vastly prolonged, and those emotionally close to him also had lengthened lives. He grew very close to The FALVYN'S ANCESTOR DERP. and with her naturally slightly longer life-span, they were both able to live for almost 6000 sweeps.

The Cardinal became quite infamous, a symbol among the low bloods that even the humblest could be blessed with great power, and even among high-bloods he was considered in high regard. As powerful low-blood that was not trying to overthrow them he was seen as useful to them. A group of sea dwelling royalty, headed by The Nobleman approached him and recruited him as a general in the war against the Subjugglators. He became highly decorated and eventually, when the war was won, he retreated once again into the mountains, living with The FALVYN'S ANCESTOR DERP, and housing The Ophidian while he was on land.

The HumoristEdit

The ancestor of Rashid Abrack.

The OphidianEdit

The ancestor of Komsur Vipora. The Ophidian was a pirate foot-soldier in a fleet of gamblignants. One day, when the rest of his crew and captain were killed in battle, he inherited the ship and the captain rank. He became known as a fearsome pirate, wielding his bow with deadly accuracy. He became so infamous that he was recruited by The Cardinal in the war against the Subjugglators. The Cardinal became the irritable pirate's Moirail, and he became the Nobleman's kismesis. It was mentioned a few times by The Ophidian that he had once been in some form of Kismisistude with another troll before he met The Nobleman. This statement was backed up when The Ophidian was cofronted by two female trolls, obviously wanting a matespriteship, he was quick to put them aside and continued being an irritable pirate of high caste, this made it clear to The Cardinal that The Ophidian was not interested in matespriteship, or even incapable of getting into a matespriteship because he was too angry and snappy.

The Ophidian fought against the Subjugglators until their defeat, and then went back to being a pirate. Due to his attachment to The Cardinal, he lived to almost 6000 sweeps of age, eventually dying on his ship.

The FalconerEdit

The Ancestor of Avifon Oiseau. The Falconer was high-blooded land dweller, and as such could have been fighting for the Subjugglators in the Ancient Civil War. However, she chose to avoid the fighting and as noble, and having her giant bird Lusus, she was able to escape easily. However, when she was approached by The Cardinal and asked to join the fight for the sea dwellers, she found her morals made her chose to fight. She and her lusus battled fiercely until the way was over.

After this she retreated into her old palatial hive, by this time quite aged. She, like the other friends of The Cardinal, lived until almost 6000 before dying of old age.

The NoblemanEdit

The ancestor of Athren Chorol. The Nobleman was the King of an unknown country on Alternia, and also a knight. His territory was heavily ravaged by Subjugglators, and after hearing about The Cardinal and his apparent mastery of time, decided to seek his help. He made The Cardinal a General and allowed him a great deal of influence within the war. It was through The Cardinal that The Nobleman met The Ophidian, and an intense burning hatred blossomed between the two. Their rivalry went on until they died, both around the age of 6000.