Aradia Megido is a Canon Troll from Homestuck. She is of a lower blood caste than most (Dark Red) and her sign is Aries. Aradia's ancestor is the Handmaid, and her Dancestor is Damara Megido. Her typing quirk is to replace o's with 0's.

Aradia was killed when Vriska telepathically coerced Sollux to eat mind honey and destroy her hive. This action also killed her lusus as well. Aradia became a ghost, destroying temples for fun, until she combined herself with a sprite and a frog, turning her into a weird Aradia-frog-ghost hybrid. Equius Zahhak built her a robot body, and she inhabited that for about ten minutes until she realized that Equius had programmed the robot to have red feelings for him. Aradia promptly ripped out her own robot heart, crushed it, smacked Equius silly, then had sloppy makeouts with him.

As far as relationships go, Aradia has had one confirmed kismesissitude with Equius Zahhak. This was brought on by the robot incident mentioned above. She also had a red relationship with Sollux.

When Aradia exploded her robot body, her dream self died on her quest bed in the core of Derse. This action prompted Aradia to go God Tier as the Maid of Time. She got to God Tier, then stopped Bec Noir from killing her long enough for her to fly away.

Aradia enjoys archeology (old strife specibus was Whipkind, then changed to Telekinesis when she was a ghost), and dug around her hive for artifacts before Sollux blew it up. Her Sylladex is Ouijakind, letting the spirits choose what she needs.