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Bilious Slick True Form

Bilious Slick floating in Skaia.

Bilious Slick is the name the Trolls use for the patron god of frogs. Originally it was one of the many derogatory terms used by Dersites, who loathe him. Prospitians and the Consorts on the other hand worship him. Other derogatory terms include "The Great Detestation", "King Pondsquatter", and the "Speaker of the Vast Joke". The "Speaker of the Vast Croak" and the "Genesis Frog" are two of his non-derogatory names. He is ostensibly represented by the giant frog on the Frog Temples.

Bilious Slick
He is created anew by every successful session of the game known as Sburb, Sgrub and Spark. The player responsible for breeding the frogs found on his or her planet must create and raise the Genesis Frog. Every instance of the Genesis Frog is unique and will be involved in the creation of the new universe. The specifics of this process are unclear, but Birdsprite reveals that the Genesis frog is quite literally the new universe. It's likely that the Vast Croak plays a large role in this.