Black Queen



'An omnipotent monarch, hell bent on the destruction of the fools responsible for her Kingdom's demise.'
AKA Glorious Monarch
Likes Killing, Power.
Dislikes Life.

This article is for the Spambot's Black Queen. For the instance that appears in the Troll's session, see Black Queen (Troll)

The Black Queen (or the Glorious Monarch) is, in Sburb, the ruler and monarch of Derse. She wears the Queen's Ring, which changes her appearance in the same fashion as the prototypings performed by the Sburb players and is the definitive source of her power.



For an unknown reason, the Spambot's Black Queen is a cruel and slightly mad character. She is a harsh leader. Before the session even starts her Archagent, Jack Noir, plots with other Dersite agents to overthrow the Queen. Her throne is usurped, and Jack rules the people of Derse as it's Patrician. The Black Queen was banished to The Veil, and while there brooded extensively.

After the prototyping of Galatea, the queen gained first guardian powers, and near omnipotency. She flew to The Battlefield and silently assassinated the Black King, and took his scepter. Her power then increased, and the rage pent up inside her was spent tearing apart the Spambot's session. In a cunning plan of Alit's and Zaht's, the spambots traveled to Derse. As The Queen arrived, she ripped a hole in the outer limits of their incipisphere, and the spambots were able to escape through dream bubbles into a different session, the troll's. Unfortunately, the Queen was able to follow them and arrived to find all 12 players at the door to the new session, coincidentally the spambot's own. Chynus Farore quickly time locked her and escaped with the others to the various planets.

Since then, the Queen has been flying around the trolls incipisphere, destroying anything she can.

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