Cholerbears are Alternian beasts. They are similar to Terran bears, but also similar to the Panserbjørne of his Dark Materials. They are not quite sentient, but quite intelligent, matching up to Apes. They have thick forearms, tusks and an armoured carapace covering their heads, back and front legs. Cholerbears are loners, and besides a mother tending for her young they will not consort with one another. However, at the the 1st bilunar perigee of the 1st dim season's equinox, equivalent to Earth's summer solstice, they will group to take part in Great Symposiums of Cholerbears, mentioned by Benjas at one point. This is a when all the Cholerbears in a certain province will gather to visit an elder, and the chiefs will be chosen. These chiefs are the bears that are the biggest asset to the gene pool, and the bears that will impregnate the females.