Chynus Farore





Gentlemen, welcome to the Incipisphere.
Title Heir of Time
Planet Land of Pulse and Twilight
Specibi Spearkind
Handle mangkrEpic
Kingdom Prospit
Sprite Dragonsprite
Consort Weasels
Lusus Arcturios
Caste Peasantry
Ancestor The Cardinal
Quest To kill the Denizen, thus disabling the time stop and letting night fall.
Typing Quirk Uses perfectg rammar, but often mixes up letter order because of fast typign.

Chynus Farore is a very low class troll. Chynus is very interested in the proccess of creation, and likes to create scenarios in his head that he often shares with others. He has tendencies to apply meaning where there is none, often creating pointless codes or mysteries to spice up his dull routine. He has an interest in fantastic lore, and especially that of computer games. He has a habit of making esoteric jokes, and being generally a nuisance due to wanting to amuse himself.


Likes to dribble all over the floor, whilst pissing on his piss shined floor.

Pre SgrubEdit

Chynus had a difficult life. As a peasant class troll, he lived in squalor for a long time until, at the age of 4 solar sweeps, his lusus Arcturios was killed while fighting invaders to the planet. On top of this, his poorly constructed hive was destroyed under the propulsion engines of the alien craft. With no home or guardian, Chynus decided he should wander as a nomad. This went on until he found refuge near a high class troll, Komsur Vipora. Komsur used his respectable resources to help Chynus build a hive and establish a life. Chynus was also without real friends until this point, until Komsur introduced him to Flarp, allowing him to meet Benjas Triton and then the others.

While Flarping one day, Chynus came across the journal of The Cardinal, one of his ancestors. As he did not have a lusus at this point, he was excited to have someone he could look up to, and learned to fight with the spear to follow in his footsteps as a successful lowblood.


Chynus was very good at Sgrub from the start. He quickly received his Timeboards, and began to use them to have multiple clones of himself level grinding and stealing earning grist from the LOPAT Stock Exchange. After only 98 hours he had risen all the way up the Echeladder and reached God Tier. He caught the Tiger!

He also managed to find his planets Legendary Weapon:#Gungnir before anyone else.

Post SgrubEdit

When the Black Queen entered the trolls session, it was Chynus that time locked her so everyone could get away. He even tried fighting her, but he sensed that she was far deadlier than he and had to retreat.

Chynus spent most of his time afterwards in the Temple of Time, with Falvyn Kazuya, Rashid Abrack, Elra Mirk, Meil Yute and Bieu Drut. He spent some time talking, but mainly he trained and tried to improve, as it was his wish that the 12 of them would fight the queen and finally claim their universe.


Chynus' profile.


Chynus is the Moirall of Komsur Vipora. Komsur is very grumpy and snappy, so this was an important venture for him. Apart from this, Chynus remained without romance, until shortly after Falvyn Kazuya entered The Medium, she and Chynus entered a matespriteship.

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