Dorian Kothar





No, I will neve? stop with the ?i?ate ?uns! Nevaa????!
Title Mage of Light
Planet Land of Rain and Vines
Handle monochromeDepredator
Kingdom Derse
Sprite Badgersprite
Consort Gerbils
Lusus Meles meles
Caste Peasantry
Ancestor Picaroon Ironclaw
Quest To become one with the plant-life, and use it to detect the location of the Denizen.
Typing Quirk With ?i?ate hook at the ?eady, you scou? the ocean looking fo? t?easu?e!

Dorian Kothar (DOR . ree. an - koth . AR) is a very low caste troll, and as such has very little worldly possessions. He and his Lusus, Meles meles move from place to place in a small boat. Dorian's nautical home has inspired an interest in piracy in him, and he aspires to be a great scourge of the sea like the ancient mariners.

Dorian is a high level psychic, which allows him to not actually carry the cannons he uses in combat. While fighting he chops and changes between fighting with the cannon (which he can reload with his mind) and using psychic energy alone.


Pre SgrubEdit

Dorian until the age of 4 Solar Sweeps, Dorian lived in a small respiteblock with his Lusus, Meles meles. During the same Invasion of Alternia that Arcturios fell victim too, his horrendously constructed hovel was destroyed under the pressure of the overhead space ships. Dorian and Meles meles were unharmed, but homeless, so Dorian took to the seas in a small boat he had built beforehand.

Dorian became a pirate, stealing form sea dwelling high bloods and the odd boat here and there to sustain himself. Dorian takes his piracy very seriously, and even talks like a pirate from "from the old timey days", on Trollian and in person.


All sorts of different shit.

Post SgrubEdit

After the attack of the Black Queen, Dorian took refuge with Chynus, Elra, Meil and Bieu in the Temple of Time in the Land of Pulse and Twilight. He has become good friends with Bieu Drut, as they both share a tendency for criminal activity. After Chynus has his break down, Dorian was the first to encounter him. At the end of the game he had also progressed the least, so when the two fought Chynus beat him without even trying. Dorian was impaled on the end of his spear, and became a ghost. Komsur, although in a black rom relationship with Dorian, decided to build him a soulbot so he could continue having a physical form.

As a robot, Dorian's physical prowess is increased greatly but his psychic power is reduced.


Dorian Profile

Dorian's profile.

Dorian is Komsur's Kismesis. The two have a deep rivalry stemming from the large difference in caste, but sustained by the continual provocation from both parties. Dorian is on friendly terms with all other Trolls. Dorian wears an eye-patch not because he needs one, but to make a jab at Komsur's disability.

After Dorian's death, Komsur created him the soulbot he used to house his soul. This effectively put them on good terms with each other, and they became sort of friends.



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