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An Ectobiology lab.

Ectobiology is a weird science that apparently involves genetics and appearification.

Its processes are apparently easily automated, and SBURB Incipispheres contain machines dedicated to specific Ectobiology tasks. Many of these are in labs within The Veil.

Ectobiology involves appearifying ghost sludge of living beings. This sludge contains their genetic code, which can be used to produce clones of them or mixed with other DNA/sludge to create different clones. These clones are often created to be Paradox Clones, or clones that go back in time and become the thing that was cloned in the first place. The Ancestors were created by Chynus this way, as were the (although they technically were created from the DNA of the previous four, not their own DNA making them mutants). This presumably happens to the players of every session: Elra Mirk created the through ectobiology.

As a whole, Ectobiology is usually representing a classical case of Ontological Paradoxes. Essentially, for example, Cardinal Empyrean is cloned and sent back to the past to grow up and become cloned in the first place.