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Flarp is the name of a game within the Troll universe under the genre of Extreme Role Playing. The name is likely derived from LARP, or Live Action Role Playing.

The game appears to begin with a grub laying eggs. These eggs hatch Gaming Flapstractions. These are programmed to provide an adventure for the user, reacting to preprogrammed data as well as live commands. It is played in two teams, with each team having a Clouder (the Flarp equivalent of a Dungeon Master), a member who controls the other teams experience.

The Clouder for each team is not always the same, allowing both members to gain all the levels (all of them).

The Stemfazed Trolls were all Flarp players, and split themselves into two teams.

Team Aetha Team Terra
Chynus Farore-Cardinal Empyrean Komsur Vipora-Ophidian Iceblood
Benjas Triton-Triptych Avifauno Dorian Kothar-Picaroon Ironclaw

Of the four Trolls, Komsur was easily the highest level. This was due to his zealous love of the game. While the others played for amusement, Komsur was overly competitive. Chynus had a natural talent at the game, but Benjas picked a difficult class to level with. He was confident that in time he would rise higher than any other, as Boy Skylarks have the most potential. However, as the four decided to stop after Komsur had his accident, he never got to those higher levels.

Player Class
Ophidian Iceblood Adroit Silhouette
Cardinal Empyrean Assegai Potentate
Picaroon Ironclaw Petticoat Seagrift
Triptych Avifauno Boy Skylark

Komsur's AccidentEdit

The four agreed to stop playing after Komsur had a horrible accident. An obscenely high level roleplayer of the class "Petticoat Seagrift" attacked him with some magical dice, and the resulting attack gouged out one eye and ripped off his leg. It was all he could do to escape before she fed him to her Lusus.