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The Frog Temples are large, mysterious temples that come from Sburb, each with a giant frog statue on top. Alternia (unlike other universes) has two Frog Temples. Othermia has one troll temple located on Bieu Drut's island home. These temples have been around millions of years before the , as it was seen to coexist with pterosaurs. The temples were built in craters created by prehistoric meteors after lava from adjacent volcanos drained into it and hardened to form a natural floor. This same meteor brought Doc Scratch and Galatea to Alternia and Othermia respectively. Its connection to Sburb is set to cause vast amounts of Weird Plot Shit.

The giant frog represents Bilious Slick, the deity that is responsible for the importance of amphibious and reptilian life in Sburb. This is due to his role as the genesis frog and eventually the universe the players will create. For the same reason frogs are considered loathsome, abhorrent creatures by the Derse royalty. Imagery and idolatry depicting frogs is highly illegal.

The frog temples are carved with thousands of small hieroglyphics. These hieroglyphics represent the code for the game, Sburb. A species with a frog temple on their world must first decipher these runes and put them into a form allowing them to be processed by a computing device. On Alternia, Sollux Captor did this. On Othermia, the corporation OCP did so and sold the product as a computer game.