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Chynus Hero

Chynus Farore's hero mode sprite in his God Tier costume.

After advancing to the top of an Echeladder, players are able to ascend to the highest levels, known as the "God Tiers".

Presumably, one must first reach the top of their echeladder to gain access to their respective god tier. Though this is not directly stated, it would be the logical course of action seeing as the god tiers are a "bonus" system set atop the usual echeladder. After this, they must lie on a Quest Bed; one Quest Bed is presumably located on each planet, and one is located in the centre of their kingdom. The next step in their ascension involves dying on the bed.

This function is a test by the game, to see if the player who wishes for the power of the god tiers is willing to face their own oblivion to obtain it. Only three characters have ascended: Chynus Farore, Benjas Triton and the Spambot, Liri Zanu. After the death of the main self, their consciousness of the usual self will merge permanently into the body of the dream self, and the new form will have a significant power increase as well as a new hooded outfit -- a godhood, as it were.

At some point, the power inherent to their mythological element is greatly enhanced. Benjas can summon tornadoes, manipulate wind with incredible prowess and sense using wind with far more accuracy than that. Liri, unusually, was given blood by SBURB as she reached god tier. Her blood, white in colour, lets her fight incredibly well, as she never tires. Somehow as a robot that was still a problem. Her blood powers also include weakening the foes of hers that have blood, namely the carapaces. She can also generate her own white blood at will, allowing her to replace her own and attack with it, as she can produce in any state, hot or cold. Chynus is a slightly different case, have not increased much. Apart for him being able to time lock more powerful foes and for longer periods of time, he has improved only slightly compared with the dramatic improvement of benjas, for example. His main improve seems to be a slightly altered brain. The brain of a normal troll is only really capable of thinking of the fourth dimension in a linear sense. Chynus' brains has been improved so he can think in many different dimensions. He elaborates, "Suddenly I can see so many different things, the infinite contortion of time on a sub atomic level, and I can function perfectly on multiple different timelines. It's amazing."

Since so few characters were able to do it, plus the fact that the final boss would be laughably easy if everyone ascended, it seems reaching God Tier is very rare in the average session.

Reaching God Tier status has something to do with the cultural image of perfection and the perception of what ascension should be like. Since troll biology is largely based on insect-like metamorphosis, fairies are often seen as an (imaginary) ideal, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Consequently the God Tier Trolls gain butterfly wings. It's difficult to discern how a spambot's anatomy changes, since only Liri has ascended. They are, however, still given new clothes even though Spambots never wear clothes usually. The first part of the player's title influences the design of the godhood, and the second part determines the color and symbol.

Players who achieve God Tier are immortal, and after completing a session, would live in the newly created universe as literal gods. They can be killed, but the death must either be "heroic" or "just". "Heroic" would imply that they fell while opposing a corrupt adversary or through martyrdom. "Just" would imply that they deserved to be killed, as they became corrupted and would be slain by a hero.