Grist is the name of the resources used in Sburb. In order for the server player to manipulate the client's world, he or she must expend grist. The most basic type of grist is build grist, which is used by the server. Other types of Grist must be used to create objects with the Alchemiter. Grist can be gained by victory in Strife or by recycling objects that took grist to create. More difficult enemies drop exponentially higher amounts of Grist; Imps drop hardly any while Denizens drop enough for the Ultimate Alchemy.

Grist is not to be confused with Vitality Gel, another material frequently dropped by enemies.

The most up-to-date grist hoard is in the LOHAC Stock Exchange, in the top right of Template:HS screen.

Build GristEdit

File:Build Grist.png
Build Grist is the most common type of grist found in Homestuck. It takes the form of a blue hexagonal prism.

Build Grist is earned by the client player during Strife and is then utilised by the server player to modify the client's domicile: altering room dimensions, creating new floors, stairs, or ladders, and moving/placing/copying/pasting objects. Each additional server/client pairing enters the session with an increased quota of starting Grist. Ina 4 player session, Player 1's server has 20 Build Grist to start with, while Player 2's server has 200, Player 3's server has 2,000 and Player 4's server has 20,000. Larger player chains receive Grist in smaller increments as starters, with the 8 player Spambot Session starting with 20 and multiplying by 3 each time.

It should be noted that although they resemble Rockin' Blue Raspberry Gushers, attempting to ingest any amount of Build Grist - and possibly other forms of Grist - is considered an "idiotic and frivolous action" as they are gaming abstractions that do not exist on the physical plane. At least, they were assumed to be at first. Later, units of Build Grist and shale are left behind by a defeated shale imp and John, as a Sburb player, can see and physically interact with units of Grist. Server players, however, seem to be unable to interact with Grist and must rely on their clients to collect it for them. Build Grist comes in several sizes, with each size being worth a different amount of Grist. The size and the amount of Build Grist dropped by an opponent seems to be randomly determined.

Varying amounts of Build Grist are needed to construct items. An item will always cost Build Grist, but the aesthetic of the object will also determine what other kinds of grist will be needed to create it.

Other TypesEdit

The Grist Cache suggests that there are thirty-six different types of grist, though only twenty-two have been seen, only twenty-one of those have been named and only nineteen have known uses. While Build Grist is used to affect the world, the other grists' purpose seems to be to be used in conjunction with the Totem Lathe and Alchemiter.