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The Incipisphere is the bizarre universe that Sburb transports things to. The name is derived from the word "incipient", meaning beginning or emerging. It is structured as follows:

Incipisphere schematics

A map of the Incipisphere.

The Medium Edit

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The Medium is the thick of the Incipisphere between the Dark Kingdom's orbit and Skaia, to which Sburb players homes are transported. Things in the Medium are more or less like they were on Earth, except that even though the things are completely disconnected from the things they were near or connected to on Earth, houses seem to have utilities like electrical, plumbing, and Internet still functioning.

In the trolls' Sburb session, there are four planets in the Medium, one for each of the kids, and each separated from Skaia by seven gates. When Chynus arrived on his planet (the Land of Pulse and Twilight), the Agents sent Imps and Ogres to harass him. The underlings and monsters sent to challenge the kids take upon the characteristics of the prototypings performed before the kids entered the Medium. Any prototyping done afterwards has no effect. Upon arrival to the medium, pre-medium prototyped attributes are sent to the Light and Dark spires upon Prospit and Derse, respectively. The exact makeup of the various creatures on the children's respective planets may vary. Each planet presumably has its own unique civilization and geography with a different species of Consorts.

Komsur's planet is the Land of Rock and Frogs, a barren, cold land littered with small ponds that re home to frogs. Benjas,' planet is the Land of Maps and Sky, which is made up purely of clouds. Dorian's planet is the Land of Rain and Vines, a planet covered in a thick rain forest and many rivers.

The Dark and Light Kingdoms Edit

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Both kingdoms are comprised of a planet with a connected moon. The Light Kingdom, called Prospit, orbits near Skaia, and the connected moon passes through Skaia on its own seperate orbit around Prospit. The Dark Kingdom, called Derse, has a distant orbit past a Veil of meteors, situated in the Furthest Ring.

Prospit and Derse each have four Spires, one of which aligns with the Kernelsprite of a player when that player enters the Medium. The two kingdoms wage a constant war on the Battlefield, fighting for the future of Skaia. Each kingdom is almost identical to the other, both cities a complex network of buildings, towers and bridges, differing only in color palette. Similarly, the inhabitants of Prospit bearing a white carapace, while the inhabitants of Derse have a black one.

The Veil Edit

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The Veil is a belt of meteors that separates Derse from the rest of the Medium. It comprises many asteroids, many of which are "seeds" of some kind. The Veil is treated as neutral ground for the kingdoms, and contains laboratories and the like in order to create soldiers for the next war

Skaia Edit

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Skaia is a "dormant crucible of unlimited creative potential" that lies above the Seven Gates. The kingdoms of the Dark and Light Spires are fighting for control of this. Prospit tries to protect it, while Derse wants to destroy it. Across every session, Derse inevitably wins. At the center of Skaia lies The Battlefield where the armies of Light and Dark wage a constant war, led by the Black and White Kings. This battlefield mutates with each prototyping, expanding exponentially in complexity each time.

The Furthest Ring Edit

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The Furthest Ring is the area around the furthest edge of the Incipisphere, said to be where Derse orbits but more likely beyond it. It is the home of The Noble Circle of Horrorterrors, who communicate with the Sburb players whose Dream Selves sleep on Derse's moon. It is an infinite, timeless space that separates all universes. Not much is known about this area, or those who dwell within it.