Two solar sweeps before the Trolls began playing Sgrub, Komsur had an 'accident' that left him with one eye and one leg. During a session of Flarp, on his Wriggling Day, Chynus organised a a session for Komsur to try and cheer him up. The session started well, Komsur boarded a Gamblignant ship and beat a few young role-players and one lusus. Upon boarding one ship though, he was faced with an obscenely high level Petticoat Seagrift wielding a set of magic dice, Vriska Serket. She defeated him in battle, and took his unconscious body back with her to her hive with the intention of feeding her to Spidermom.

Luckily Chynus, Komsur's clouder, told contacted Benjas. Benjas was also Flarping and had his lusus with him, so he scouted his position before flying to Vriska's hive and setting upon her, distracting Spidermom and giving the two trolls enough time to escape. The penalty was that Spidermom had already started attacking Komsur, and had blinded one eye and ripped off his leg.

Due to Komsur's advanced knowledge in robotics, he was able to craft himself a working eye and leg. He dislikes his clunky leg though, and the mis-matchment has given him a sort of limp. His eye on the other hand he prefers robotic, commenting with "Thisss thing isss sssuperior to my old ocular lensss in every wayY".