Komsur Vipora



Dream ▾=





Never sssurrenderY Never back downY
Title Seer of Dick
Planet Land of Chains and Onyx
Specibi humnia humina humina BONER
Handle serpentineMechanic
Kingdom Prosshit ohhhh snap
Sprite Hydrasprite
Consort Mice
Lusus Anguilla
Caste Nobility
Ancestor The Ophidian
Quest to look like a mixture of weird al and robot michael jackson
Typing Quirk Ssspeaksss with a dissstinct hissssssY with the sssnakesss tongue replacing all punctuationY His smilies also have semicolon for eyes, rather than colons. (>;) )

Komsur Vipora is quite a high blooded troll and he is quite a snob. Komsur is interested in robotics and programming, and after an extreme role playing accident built himself a replacement eye and leg. Partly due to his high class, he is interested greatly in the noble art of archery, and is a very skilled marksman. Komsur has a serpentine Lusus by the name of Anguilla, so he purposefully developed a hiss when he talks, and his typing quirk completely revolves around around snake imagery. Once he had had his accident he edited his typing quirk slightly by using semicolons for the eyes of his emoticons instead of colons, previously using colons only.


Pre SgrubEdit

Komsur, although snobbish, has a clear set of morals. He helped Chynus Farore after his series of unfortunate occurrences, despite his low blood caste.

Komsur is a keen Flarper. This, coupled with a Mysterious Spider Girl, lead to him having a horrible accident After being mauled by a ferocious lusus, he had to have bionic replacements. His new robotic eye helped him with his already skilful archery because of the advanced targeting system. However his leg, described as a "uselesss hunk of russsting metal" isn't the biggest advancement, often giving away his position or slowing him down.



Komsur's profile sprite.

Komsur went into Sgrub feeling confident and even boastful of his abilities, and felt confident that his flarp experience would let him master SGRUB easily. He advanced quickly, however he found that he could not keep up with Chynus' progress and when Chynus reach the God Tiers he found it hard to comprehend the powers he had gained. Determined to be the first to kill his Denizen, he decided to dispense with grist collecting and building, and built a jet pack to fly through the rings.

Komsur entered the lair of Denizen with intent to kill her. However, as the Seer of Doom, he became aware of his own death before fighting her. Instead, he conversed with her. The first of the trolls to even meet a Denizen, he became aware that they were not so evil and could provide great knowledge and power. Echidna elaborated on Komsur's Mythological roles, and as such he emerged a greater hero than before. Because of this he felt ready to die on his quest bed. He then ascended to the God Tiers as the Seer of Doom.


Komsur is next-to incapable of flushed relationships but he is somewhat promiscuous with his calignious quadrant. Currently he is in a relationship with Athren Chorol.

Komsur's moirail is Chynus Farore. This has led to Komsur not falling into a black crush on Benjas on several occasions.

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