Liri Zanu


--H youre really in for iT now
Title Wth of Rage
Planet Land of Fire and Bone
Specibi Hammerkind
Handle guilefulJackhammer
Kingdom Derse
Consort Condors
Typing Quirk --H wiTh her hammers she spams chumps ruThlessly

Liri Zanu (LEER . ee - ZAR . noo) is one of the 8 Spambots. She is cruel and even quite dangerous, but she is highly intelligent and easily the most potent fighter of the Techflex bots. Zaht Ersa has said that "she probably has some sort of mental. illness but i dont want to get close enough to diagnose. her".

Relationships Edit

Liri took a great interest in Komsur Vipora after they met. As he could ever reach God Tier, she spent a lot of time mentoring him. It is unclear to whether this is true, but a matespritship has been hinted at several time. Dorian Kothar especially, as he seems to resent the lack of time his Kismesis is spending on challenging him. "those two lovebi?ds dont seem to have any time fo? the ?est of us chum?s."

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