Othermia is the homeworld of the Spambots. A gigantic 63% of all land area is covered with the major cities, the rest of the space being made up of savannah, the last of the rain-forests and the poles. Due to the global warming of the Spambot's ancestors, Othermia has become very polluted. The spambots manage to regulate the temperature of the cities and poles using space mirrors, but this means that the unpopulated rural areas are incredibly hot and arid. A large expanse of the surface around the equator is made up of desert, where the colder areas manage to stay cool enough for limited plant-life to grow. The Spambots rely completely on vast greenhouses for their food, and never cultivate the rural land.


Due to Othermia's nature, many former separate cities have joined into large continent like conglomerates. There are only three separate groups of urban development.


The biggest 'Urban Continent'. Jatriok is mainly in the southern hemisphere, and is home to the Major Colonial Council


The second largest 'Urban Continent' and also on average the cleanest and most luxurious. Vattreuk produces the most food through the greenhouses of all the areas on the planet. Vattreuk crosses the Northern and Southern hemispheres, with the space lying on the equator being mainly made up of energy plants.


The smallest Urban continent. Orsinad is in the Northern hemisphere, and lies quite close to Jatrio. If not for SBURB, Orsinad would soon join up with Jatrio.