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Prospit in its normal state

Prospit, also known as the Light Kingdom, is one of the two kingdoms in the Incipisphere. Prospit wages an unending battle against the Dark Kingdom, Derse, protecting Skaia from the Dersite army which seeks to activate The Reckoning and destroy it. This battle is one that Prospit is always destined to lose.

"Prospit" is derived from the word "prosperity", which would contrast with the root of Derse's name. The demonym of Prospit appears to be "Prospitian."

Prospit is a massive golden city planet which orbits close to Skaia and is connected to a single moon by a large gold chain. Prospit is ruled by the White Queen, and the planet is inhabited by white-carapaced citizens who resemble white Chess pieces. A series of spires exist on Prospit, one for each player in a session of Sburb. The tops of these spires contain the data from pre-entry Kernelsprite prototypes. As the players prototype their sprites, the spires activate and the prototypings are applied to the monarchy of Prospit. Note, though, that only prototypings that occur prior to a player's entry into The Medium are stored in the spires of Prospit.

The moon of Prospit possesses a series of towers, one for each of the dream selves of roughly half of the players in any session. The other half of the dream selves reside in similar towers on the moon of Derse. These towers contain rooms that very closely resemble the bedrooms of the players in their home world, except they are portrayed largely in a single color tone associated with the player's font color in Trollian.



The Light Kingdom has a King and a Queen who are the highest in command. The Queen has a Queen's Ring with orbs (one for each player in the session) representing the spires of Prospit. As long as she wears her ring, she is physically affected by the prototyping of each player's Kernelsprite, such that, for example, she gains tentacles and scars, loses arms, and sprouts wings. With each additional prototyping, the bearer of the ring gains additional power.

Similarly, the King possesses a scepter with orbs around its larger end, like the Queen's ring, and a large orb that resembles Skaia on top. He is also affected by the players' prototyping, and his physical size also increases significantly with each prototyping.

The White Queen resides within the halls of Prospit, overseeing administrative and political duties, while the White King fights the perpetual war against Derse off-planet in the thick of The Battlefield.


The citizens of Prospit have white carapaces and wear clothing that displays elements from the kernelsprites that have been prototyped so far. However, their physical bodies do not seem to be affected by the prototypings.

Prospit in StemfazedEdit

Prospit has had a fairly minor role to play in the events of Stemfazed. It's moon is home to the dream selves of Chynus Farore and Benjas Triton.