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The Kernelsprite is an entity released when a Sburb player first opens his or her Cruxtruder. At first, Kernelsprites are nigh-on-useless, unintelligible balls of light (the Kernel). In order to be useful, they must be prototyped, which involves dropping an object (that is absorbed indefinitely) into the Kernelsprite. They are said to be "drawn", in a sense, to the dead or soon-to-be-deceased - while there is no explicit rule saying that a Kernelsprite must be prototyped with something dead or doomed, across all sessions ever played, almost all of them are. These objects' characteristics determine the sprite's personality and abilities. Sprites can be prototyped at least twice (so far no one has attempted to prototype them a third time), and at least one pre-entry prototyping is necessary to win the game, presumably because Skaia would otherwise be unable to grow to its final form.

A properly prototyped sprite is given access to a wealth of knowledge about Sburb, but there are apparently limits on what a player's sprite can tell them and when, and sprites are supposed to be coy in nature.

Sprites cannot accompany their players through the first gate. Players unlock the power to have the sprites accompany them through the gates at a later point in the game, their sprite will at some pint present them with a special pendant that allows them to be brought through the gates.



Prototyping is when a Kernel is "merged" with an item, taking on certain similarities, turning it into a Kernelsprite. Upon entering The Medium, a prototyped kernelsprite will divide into a Kernel and a Sprite, The Kernel will also divide in two, carrying the data of the item(s) that prototyped it to Prospit and Derse. So, not only is the kernelsprite modified with the data, but also the denizens of the kingdoms. For example, Chynus Farore prototypes his kernelsprite with a tooth of his Lusus, Arcturios. This resulted in imps and ogres with dragon wings, scales or the ability to breath fire. It should be noted that the traits the sprites inherit from post-entry prototyping have no effect on the medium. These traits appear instantaneously; they are not limited to underlings created after the Kernel splits.

Kernelsprites require one pre-entry prototyping. Before prototyping, the Kernelsprite is unintelligible. It only communicates intelligibly after it's prototyped with a living or once-living creature, and its intelligence appears limited to that of its composing parts.

Trolls' SpritesEdit

Character Sprite Prototyping Effect on Medium
Chynus Dragonsprite Tooth of Arcturios Dragon wings, hard scales, fire breath.
Komsur Hydrasprite Anguilla's Corpse Three heads, long fangs, poison blood.
Benjas Birdsprite Birddad's Feather Wings, Beaks, Birdlike claws replacing hands.
Kothar Badgersprite Meles meles' Corpse. Unihorns, fur, bushy tails.