The Reckoning rains meteors on Skaia.


The Reckoning is a twenty-four hour event in SBURB. As part of the continuing battle between dark and light, the Reckoning occurs when the Dersite royalty uses the Meteors from The Veil in an attempt to destroy Skaia. As part of a defense Skaia uses portals to transport the meteors elsewhere, specifically to Earth. Due to the timelessness of The Medium the meteors fall throughout time. These seemingly create many paradoxes by causing the children to become more embroiled in Sburb.

The Black King uses his scepter to initiate the reckoning. the players then have 25 hours to kill the Royalty before Skaia is destroyed.

Paradox ClonesEdit

The Reckoning is an important part of the story of the Paradox Clones. This is how the young are transported back in time, and across the planet to their respective guardians.