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The Sburb Logotype

Sburb is a sandbox-style game that takes place superimposed over the real world, rather than in a virtual space. The Server player is able to manipulate the Client's environment in real time in a manner reminiscent of The Sims. The Client of the game has no need to interact with the computer and can freely roam around completing objectives (except if the client wants to operate GristTorrent). Actions available to the Server player include being able to build rooms, add on to existing rooms, deploy game objects such as the Totem Lathe, and manipulate objects in the Client's environment. However, the Server cannot operate outside of a certain radius of the Client. Furthermore, the Server's actions are limited by the Client's supply of Build Grist.

Each new client-server connection generates a unique session of the game that is apparently independent of all other sessions, unless a daisy-chain of connections is formed with existing players. The exact number of connections varies depending on the length of the daisy chain in question, though the minimum number of players is two, and the maximum is 20. Each session has been hard-wired to support its final player count from the start, because Sburb cares nothing for the concept of chronology. GristTorrent supports this, displaying the number of players currently in session as online, and any players not yet connected offline.



Sburb Logo

The Sburb Logo

Sburb's distinctive logo on Earth is a neon-green silhouette of a simple house, broken into seven pieces. Animated representations of the logo (see below) have the house disassemble and reassemble, with the smallest part spinning back and forth in between.

On Alternia, the logo curiously is only local to the game itself. As Sollux Captor, the troll who deciphered the runes in the Frog Temple, never made Sgrub a commercial product. The Stemfazed Troll's logo is identical to the Earth logo, only in purple. The Othermian Logo for their equivalent, Spark, features 8 panels, and is Orange.

The Spirograph is another logo associated with Sburb, and also appears in various locations associated with the game or with the Medium. The House logo appears on the Client disc, while the Spirograph appears on the Server disc.

Sburb DiscsEdit

The Sburb Discs play an important part in initiating the session. For the Stemfazed Trolls, there were 8 discs in total, 4 server discs and 4 client discs, 1 of each for each of the four trolls.

All 8 discs where retrieved from Sollux Captor's hive by Benjas Triton, as he had access to the quickest transportation mode. They were then taken back and shared amongst the trolls.


Sburb appears to have no description or instructions regarding its true objective. However, as Chynus Farore and Komsur Vipora, the two first players, discovers a meteor flying toward his hive after creating the Kernelsprite, they realise that Sgrub is a game that destroys the world. It's able to do this because the players enter The Medium to escape from the meteors it calls down, which it's able to call down because the players entered the Medium.

If the player is successful in retrieving and damaging in some way his or her unique Cruxite Artifact (such as Chynus' Cruxite Flower) before the meteor hits, the impacted area is excised from the physical plane - leaving only a deserted wasteland in its place. This is the process that sends the player to their planet within the Incipisphere - where the real game begins.

Electrical power still seems to be available in the houses when there are excised and sent to the Medium, though the source of this power is unclear. Apparently fumbling about in a dark house while trying to complete game objectives would not be within the intended spirit of the game.

Through exposition from their Kernelsprites, the players learn the objective of the game. The player must build using Build Grist to pass through the gates to get to Skaia, where, ultimately, a battle of Good and Evil is being waged, and the players have opened up what was a supposed eternal stalemate now into an all out war that evil always wins. When the villains win, the Black King calls down meteors to destroy Skaia, which protects itself by teleporting them to the host planet, destroying it in the process. The players must stop the meteors before the defense portals fail and Skaia is destroyed.

The game comes in multiple phases: climbing through The Seven Gates, defeating the Denizens, The Ultimate Alchemy, and the Reckoning (up to and including the final confrontation with the Black King and Queen), to name a few.

Over all, the ultimate purpose of Sburb is Omnigenesis. It is the reproductive cycle of the universe.



The Trolls have an equivalent version of Sburb created by Sollux Captor based on technology found in some ruins.


Spark is the Spambot version of the game. Similar to Earth's account, the corporation OmniGENESISConsumerProducts developed it and sold it as a game. The Spambot's session is the one that put the Alternian Universe into being.