Aspect Edit

Aspect Symbol Powers/Role
Bliss 32px Dominance over feelings allows fighting without distraction.
Blood 32px Weaken enemies with blood, to replace own blood and fight using boiling blood.
Breath Breath To conjure wind currents, fly, and heal.
Death 32px To foresee death in certain situations, and help to avoid it.
Doom 32px Prophecy, to be the guardian of fate.
Fear 32px To understand the idea of fear, and overcome it.
Fire 32px Powers over fire and heat.
Flesh 32px Able to perform incredible physical actions.
Heart 32px To instill all the good emotions in people that have lost them.
Hope 32px Acts as a hopeful figure in the session, and has dominion over hopeful situations.
Life 32px Can give the kiss of life, and save the recently dead.
Light Light Dominance over fortune, and light related attacks.
Mind Mind Can convince others to cooperate, and see things in their 'Mind's Eye'.
Rage 32px Dramatically boasted attack power, insanity.
Soul 32px Can use the ethereal energies of the soul to strengthen themselves and your allies.
Space Space Frog breeding, powers over physical dimension.
Time Time Time travel, to maintain the alpha timeline.
Truth 32px Has a very clear cognitive sense, acts as a support role.
Void 32px A very subtle figure, drawing on the power of void to strengthen themself.