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The world of Skaia.

Skaia is the world that the players of Sburb must build toward in order to win the game. Skaia is described as "a source of unlimited creative potential." It resides at the core, like a 'sun', of the Incipisphere. An orbiting light planet, Prospit, is charged with its defense, while the distant dark planet of Derse covets its destruction. The Armies of Light and Darkness duel there in a perfect stalemate until a player prototypes a Kernelsprite. Then, their real battle begins, one that Prospit is destined to lose.

The planet at the center of Skaia is known as The Battlefield, which hosts the war between the forces of Prospit and Derse. The Battlefield is portrayed as a chessboard. Each time a player initially prototypes a Kernelsprite, the size of the board seems to grow exponentially: Where Skaia is initially a three by three chessboard (a situation which leaves the only two combatants, the White King and Black King, in an eternal stalemate), the board grows into a full game of chess after a first player's prototyping, albeit with a sixteen by sixteen square board and some pieces taking up multiple squares. When a second player prototypes his or her Kernelsprite, the board expands to a massive cube with forty-eight squares to an edge and landmarks like trees and lakes. Skaia becomes a fully spherical planet upon a third protoyping. After the fourth prototyping, Skaia appears to have gained a large outer shell made of checkered tendrils. The final form of Skaia is required to create the new universe, fulfilling the objective of the game. This is why a pre-entry prototyping is necessary for each player.

When the Black Kingdom inevitably wins the battle, the Black King will use the White King's scepter to initiate the Reckoning, sending all the meteors in The Veil towards Skaia to destroy it. Skaia defends itself by opening portals to stop the meteors, sending them instead to the host planet and sacrificing the planet to protect itself. By this means, Skaia forces players to enter the game in the first place. Skaia eventually fails to protect itself when the largest meteors in the Veil are launched at it, at which point it is destroyed, due to either running out of defense portals or an inability to teleport objects of such size. The players' goal is then usually to stop the Reckoning before this happens by defeating the Black King, thereby winning the game.

In addition to Prospit and Derse, one planet for each player in Sburb orbits Skaia, separated by a series of gates. Also, just inside of Derse's orbit is The Veil.

Skaia's name is a portmanteau of the word 'Sky' and 'Gaia' the name of Mother Earth in Greek myth.

When a player visits Prospit as his or her Dream Self, sometimes Prospit's moon eclipses the clouds of Skaia. These clouds float by the player's dream tower and portray glimpses of the past, present, and future to him or her. These clouds are also visible on the planet itself. They are capable of showing virtually anything, even things from other incipispheres. Dream selves who reach God Tier are transported to a copy of their Quest Bed on Skaia.