The Spambot's are a bionic race from the planet Othermia, which exists in a separate universe to ours and the Troll's. They consist of a metal chasis, and they are completely robotic except for their brains. The Spambots are a very old species, and devolution has se in, reducing their natural intelligence. The spambots ancestors however, knew that this would happen, so started producing machines to help their weakening bodies and minds. The spambots run partly on artificial intelligence, allowing them to continue being as intelligent as their ancestors. The run on different types of gas, these gases giving the spambot their colour. Unlike Troll society, the social caste system is not denoted by the colour of this gas, and instead by amount of credits, similar to human society. Spambots, due to the nature of their brains, wildly vary in personality. Some spambots can be psychopathic and angry even before being influenced by the outside world, while others remain passive and docile even when threatened with violence or doom.

The Eight SpambotsEdit