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Spearkind is the kind abstratus used by Chynus Farore. It is the first abstratus that features in Stemfazed, and so far has the most different weapons falling in its scope. Chynus acquired this kind abstrata from the same chest he recovered The Cardinal's journal.

Hivemade Spear Edit

Hivemade Spear

Chynus' first spear. He made it himself many sweeps ago shortly before his first Flarp campaign. Although it is of very high quality for a home hive-made spear, it is easily upgraded using alchemy. Chynus states at one point that although his alchemy created weapons will be far superior, he will still "miss the little guy". Komsur Vipora berates him for getting attached to a ssstick with a rock tied to the end, but Chynus had intention of letting his attachment to his 2 sweep-old spear getting in the way of advancing in the game, "unlike Dorian and his bloody Cannon".

Fangspear Edit


This spear was created by alchemizing the Tooth of Arcturios with the Hivemade Spear. It is made completely of dragon bone, highly strong, but light enough for flight. The tooth itself seems to make up the head, while the shaft is made of a long thin rod of bone. This bone is properly attached, whereas the Hivemade Spear had a separate head and shaft.

Keyspear Edit


This spear was created by alchemising the Fangspear and the Timeboards. This spear can also function as a time travel device, so after it was created Chynus stopped using his Timeboards to travel through time. The Keyspear can cycle through it's own lifetime, and can also be used to travel through time. Once chynus alchemised the keyspear, he stopped using his Timeboards.

Gungnir Edit

The legendary spear that Chynus retrieved from the Grand Temple of Pulse and Twilight. This spear was left by Chynus on a meteor in the veil, as he remembered that his ancestor wielded a golden spear adorned with a powerful magical ruby. Chynus utilised his knowledge of weird time shit to provide this spear for his ancestor, over 300 sweeps before Chynus' own hatching.

Titan's Javelin Edit

Titan&#039;s Javelin

Refered too by Elra as "PR0BABLY THE M0ST P0WERFULL WEAP0N THAT S0ME0NE W1TH Y0UR K1ND ABSTRATA CAN W1ELD". This spear was created by alchemising Gungnir and the Keyspear, as by this time Chynus had discorded the time boards. It is completely unbreakable, almost completely weightless and cannot be made blunt. On top of this, it can let the user transport through time, purely by using the power of their mind. It can also cycle through its own lifetime. Rather disturbingly, it can travel to a point in the future where it is soaked in dark red blood and burn marks. Chynus believes this to be the blood of the Black King, as well as some sort of robotic drone that the carapaces may use in the future. He has no interest in verifying this however, so has never bothered to check.

"Titan" refers to Cronus, a Titan in greek myth with whom has been associated.