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In the Homestuck Universe weapons can be placed into a Strife Deck, which allows the player to use objects to fight enemies. Each Strife Deck is contained with a Strife Specibus and a character with multiple Strife Specibi will store them within a Strife Portfolio. In order for an artifact to be allocated to a Strife Deck, it must be the same kind of item as the character's chosen Kind Abstratus.

The different strife specibus are divided among the many kind Abstrata. They are named with the formula: [weapon]kind. Artifacts allocated to the Strife Deck can be used at will, as opposed to the drawn out ritual of retrieving an item from a poorly designed Sylladex.
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It should be noted that imps can also place items into their strife deck. They drop their Strife Specibus card when defeated if they have done so.

Damaged or AlteredEdit

If an item used to strife is damaged or fundamentally altered during use, its related Kind Abstratus will change itself into a type to match. This is presumably to avoid getting suddenly disarmed when the item doesn't match the old Abstratus and cannot be allocated. To correct this, the item must be restored to its old shape. Often this can result in a fraction being added to the name.

Trolls' Kind AbstrataEdit

Spambots' Kind AbstrataEdit