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The Armies of Light, from Prospit, and the Armies of Darkness, from Derse, are classified and shaped like Chess pieces, though both armies wield far, far more "pieces" than any single chess board would have, due to Prototyping of the The Battlefield upon which the fighting takes place.

The PawnsEdit

The Pawns of the two armies are, like in chess, the most abundant species in the field, though they appear to be more versatile than the title "pawn" would make them seem. For example, they are capable of battlefield insertion via rappelling from a high-speed flying vehicle. They have been seen carrying swords and spears as weapons and, upon closer inspection, some of the Black Pawns carry a variety of assault rifle.

The Pawns seem to have minds and wills of their own, as some have been seen not fighting, and trying to farm land or simply escape the fighting.


Some of the pawns have been seen using bows and crossbows.

The RooksEdit

The Rooks appear to be horrifically mutated Pawns, with ripped Pawn uniforms and grotesquely miss-shaped muscular bulges all over their torsos. Most notable about the Rooks are the enormous, castle-shaped hunches on their backs. The only weapons seen to be carried by Rooks are large clubs made from either brown stone or wood, carried by the White Rooks.

The Siege TitanEdit

Similar to how there are giant creatures based on the Bishop, there appear to be massive Rooks too. These "creatures" have four arms and no apparent weaponry. Like the Bishops, these too are partially affected by prototyping - a black Rook had only three arms. Interestingly, pawns use them as living fortresses and attack from their heads.

Quadrupedal CreatureEdit

A large, checkered spider-like creature is also seen once. It is checkered black and white and also looks like a rook.

The BishopsEdit

Only seen standing near the Black King, the Bishops are warriors of majyyk, though. They are dressed like mages to some extent.

The Arch DeaconstructorEdit

A very large (even bigger than the knights), tripedal being with a laser cannon for an arm. It is decorated with crosses and has a triangular helmet shaped precisely like a traditional Bishop piece. It's shown to be affected by prototyping, but to a much smaller degree than the royalty.

The KnightsEdit

The only Knight seen so far in the Armies was fielded by the Dark Army. The Knights seem to be ENORMOUS war-horses whose hoof-steps can knock smaller foes off their feet and crush several. The bottom of one of the Black Knight's hooves was much larger around than a White Rook and far, far taller.

The KingsEdit

The light and dark kings are also seen on The Battlefield. There are, of course, only two, as in a game of Chess. The kings don't appear to do much fighting. They each hold a large scepter with a miniature Skaia on its top. The white king's scepter can be used to activate the The Reckoning.

The ShipsEdit

Various ships are also utilised by he armies, bearing the colour of the architecture of the planet, unlike the usual black or white.


Both armies fielded gray, trapezoidal vessels with the Skaia symbol printed large on their undersides. These vessels have been seen both dropping combat troops via rappelling line, as well as having dogfights with one another. Most peculiar about these ships is that they look exactly the same on both sides of the conflict. There are also several other gray ships visible in the aerial battle, but their shapes and sizes are difficult to determine.

Capital ShipsEdit

Among the two fleets active in the skies of the Battlefield, several enormous purple and yellow colored vessels are visible, presumably the carriers or battleships of the two fleets.


Gold and Purple regular-looking airplanes, seen dropping troops on the Battlefield.

Other NotesEdit

  • According to the banners carried by the two armies of Pawns, aside from color, the emblems of the Light Kingdom of Prospit and the Dark Kingdom of Derse are exactly the same.
  • Though they are servants of the Dark Kingdom, there are no Imps, Ogres, or any other creature faced by the Trolls on the battlefield.