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troll relationshipsEdit

Troll culture is a frustratingly difficult concept for humans to grasp. One such complicated aspect is a set of extremely complex relationships. Trolls are driven by the two primary emotions, hate and pity. It seems like both of these are necessary in troll society, although most of their social system remains obscure.

Troll romance is divided into four quadrants including matespritship (denoted with a heart), moirallegiance (signified by a diamond), kismesissitude (employing the spade as its emblem), and auspisticism (iconified as a club).

The boundaries between the relationships are fluid. Young trolls, like humans, have to find the right balance between the emotions. Trolls do not differentiate between sex and gender when it comes to their relationships, as all Trolls are bisexual.

Red Romance (Redrom)Edit

These types fall under the pity hemisphere of troll emotions, and are associated with the colour red. They are tied to strongly positive emotions.

Matespritship/Flushed Quadrant Edit

The one most like human love/romance. Matesprits have a strong feeling of affection for one another - though troll psychology being what it is, courtship can be just as violent as that between kismeses, and indeed it can flail between one and the other. It is one of the two concupiscent relationships, those that deal with reproduction, the other being kismesissitude. Matespritships's quadrant is known as the flushed quadrant.

The term is a portmanteau of "mate" and "esprit" (lively, with spirit.) Mating fondness corresponds with the ancient Greek concept of έρως (érōs), or "passionate/lustful love."

Known Matesprits:

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Moirallegiance/Pale Quadrant Edit

Moirallegiance (derived from the three Moirae, or Fates, and the word allegiance) is a process that occurs between a troll and their "moirail". It is a form of guardianship, but it isn't simply about being platonic soul bros forever. A troll is compelled by fate to watch over their moirail and keep them in line. Despite the platonic appearance of this role (as we currently understand it) to us humans, trolls consider it a type of romance. It is one of the two conciliatory relationships, the other being auspistice. Moirallegiance's quadrant is known as the pale quadrant. As it is a redrom, it is linked to pity in the same way that black romance (blackrom) is linked to hate.

Moirallegiance is a portmanteau of "moira" (fated) and "allegiance." This kind of relationship may be most similar to the Greek concept of στοργή (storgē), or "like family," which can be defined as "mom shut up i'm not a baby."

Known moirails:

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Black Romance (Blackrom)Edit

These types fall under the hate hemisphere, and are associated with the color black. They are tied to strongly negative emotions.

Auspistice/Ashen Quadrant Edit

An auspistice (derived from the terms auspice and armistice) is a "facilitator" of some sort between two others, mediating interactions between them and keeping their relationship functional. Without auspistices, widespread black infidelity is guaranteed. It is one of the two conciliatory relationships, the more platonic ones, the other being moirallegiance. Auspistice's quadrant is known as the ashen quadrant.

Auspistice is a portmanteau of "auspicious" (fortunate, promising) and "armistice" (truce.) It may be analogous to the ancient Greek concept of αγάπη (agápē), or "selfless love," since the auspistice doesn't get anything out of this directly.

Known auspisitices:

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Kismesissitude/Caliginous Quadrant ♠Edit

This is what a troll feels towards someone known as their kismesis (derived from the terms kismet + nemesis) or "fated enemy". This is linked to hatred, and it is necessary that both parties feel hatred towards each other. Not any kind of hatred will do, since there is such a thing as platonic hatred amongst trolls (similar to the human concept of platonic love). In other words, kismesissitude seems to be based on a mix of hatred and sexual attraction. As it thrives on a rivalry between two trolls, defeating or killing your kismesis is discouraged, since obviously there wouldn't be a relationship anymore. It is one of the two concupiscent relationships, those that deal with reproduction, the other being matespritship. Surprisingly, kissing is considered an appropriate expression of kismessitude. Kismesissitude's quadrant is known as the caliginous quadrant.

Kismesis is a portmanteau of "kismet" (fated) and "nemesis."

Known kismesissitudes:

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Matesprit/Kismesis double reacharoundEdit

It is not uncommon for two parties to flicker back and forth between the two concupiscent quadrants. Often one party will have red feelings while the other one has black feelings. This is however not a true quadrant of troll romance and thus one party will often adjust their feelings temporarily to match their partner's emotions.
This sort of relationship volatility is one of the reasons why auspistice is an important part of troll romance.

Possible matesprit/kismesis double reacharound pairs include:

Double reacharound pairs correspond with the ancient Greek concept of μανία (mania), or "highly volatile/obsessive love".


A troll disease which spreads among groups if not carefully controlled. Equius says that in troll language, the word for friend is exactly the same as the word for enemy, even though he says both words separately, in Template:HS.

Friendship corresponds with the ancient Greek concept of φιλία (philía), or "love between peers," which humans inexplicably believe to be a good and powerful thing. As a prank, John refers to it as an emotion in a Template:HS with Karkat, but Template:HS (from Karkat's perspective, earlier from his own) insists that it is not.

Aradiabot refers to Karkat as being her friend in Alterniabound.

Relationships With HumansEdit

In trolling the kids' timeline, and despite Karkat's orders to troll with extreme predjudice, some of the trolls seem to have developed feelings towards the kids, the only confirmed one being Karkat's failed kismessitude for John, but with moirallegiance-type feelings Template:HS, shown by Kanaya for Rose. Also, Vriska has developed a crush on (presumed deceased) human action star Nicholas Cage (in reality, he became the Nick of Time), and used her intensified variation of the symbol for matespritship, <33333333, Template:HS. She later Template:HS "a human d8, whatever that entails" if they ever meet. Terezi has also been shown being somewhat infatuated by Dave, though the outcome remains to be seen.

The kids have also been shown throughout their early childhood as wearing the quadrant signs: Template:HS, Template:HS and Template:HS.