Zaht Ersa


i am not. useless i can do some things to help my. friends
Title Heir of Mind
Planet Land of Thought and Wax
Specibi Rodkind
Handle ambientTelencephalon
Kingdom Derse
Consort Vultures
Quest To cool the wax in his planet to temperature that allows it to be stable.
Typing Quirk speaks without. emotion and often emphasises the wrong. word he sometimes uses words he does not completely. contemplate

Zaht Ersa (ZART - ER . sa) is one of the 8 Spambots. From a young age he has been fascinated by the Spambot equivalent of Neurology, Neurocircuitry. His interest was further piqued after an accident of his own caused serious brain damage to him, making him timid, and reserved. Zaht has used a thin rod to wave away the native insects of Othermia for as long as he can remember, so upon playing SBURB, he set it as his Strife Specibi.

Zaht is a resident of Vattreuk, and as a middling class bot lives in cloud level living quarters, away from the pollution below.


Zaht was introverted even before his accident, so Liri Zanu ordered him to spend more time outside, mainly as a gesture of spite rather than one of genuine concern. Zaht decided to go out, but quickly became lost due to the nature of the city. Eventually, people began to desert the streets, as a curfew is strictly maintained in Othermian culture. Zaht, terrified of the punishment he would endure, hid in a rubbish chute. Unfortunately, he became trapped, and was attacked in the dark by maintenance drones. Although the drones are designed to pose no threat to a Spambot, Zaht tumbled deep into the chute, falling many hundreds of meters onto a scrap heap. He was found the next day by salvager drones that had the sense to take him to the surface, and to a hospital.

Zaht's accident means he can't understand advanced AI, the type used by sentient Spambots, and therefore has trouble maintaining relationships. Those who befriend him are the patient few, who are willing to explain themselves and others to him.

Zaht's accident has also damaged other areas of his brain, that could result in a random outburst of intense, violent, psychopathic rage, although this has never happened before. Many of his friends doubt that Zaht is even capable of feeling anger, as his usual range of emotions span only from neutral to blithe.

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